Kamis, 04 Agustus 2011

Have I told you that the house I am living in is kinda spooky?

I am living in a boarding house of about more than 40 rooms with nearly all of them are occupied. Even though the house is “densely populated” but it seems quiet and empty, because the people on the house are not too uummmm what do I say…they don’t mingle well....they (including me) are working people, I mean that they all have jobs, not students, therefore they have not enough time to mingle. Even I cannot remember all the names of the people.  On the daylight, they would be on their respective offices, and they come back after the sun falls. At night they will have their own time inside their rooms, maybe taking a rest. In short they are too busy and tired to even mingle with each other. So eventho the house is densely populated, I feel rather lonely and yet it gives me goosebumps sometimes.
Lot of people in my boarding house have experienced spooky experiences that it will take hours to remember all the stories they told me (the fact that they are busy doesn’t mean that we NEVER had any conversation at all), not to mention the untold story. Some people told me that they saw uummm what we call it….”ghost,” in the form of a woman, or an old woman carrying her son. Some told me they saw the other form of ghost. As for myself, I never see and I hope I would never see them, but there are times that I feel disturbed by their existence. The disturbance I experienced was through sound. That day, I was playing PlayStation alone in my room (I tend to forget time when I am playing my PlayStation and that night I played until very late) when I heard the sounds of someone's steps uummmm it was not an ordinary step tho, the sound was like someone drag his feet while walking from the  front of my room. For your information, my room is located at the very dead end of a hall, right in the corner, and in front of my room there is another room also. Therefore if the sound of steps was made by my friend living in the room in front of mine then there should be a sound of door opening, and that time there was NO such sound, just the sound of someone dragging his feet and then stopped in front of my room. So I wondered who, or what is that making such sounds. Suddenly I felt chill on my neck and I felt sort of “eerie” feeling.  I couldn’t take a risk by opening the door to see what it was, I was too terrified, but my urge of playing PlayStation beat the feeling. Therefore I chose not to stop the game but to increase the volume of my television set louder instead, even with the insecure feeling. That is the “closest” encounter of mine, but almost every night I hear the sound of something like heavy barbell rolling on my ceiling above my room, which is an empty space like balcony and is the place for washing clothes.
And last night, something weird happened. I don’t know if it is really caused by ghost but I am pretty sure that something is weird. As usual, after I came home from work, I use to watch television, I don’t really watch it, to be honest, but I rather use it to break away the silence. But the night, I could not locate the television’s remote. I tried to search every inch of my room, I even looked it up inside my drawer, my bag, under my bed, under my blanket, inside the boxes, but I couldn’t find it. After several minutes I started to get frustrated and tired, so I sit in my bed wondering where on earth the remote is. Then suddenly I remember Raditya Dika’s book in which there is a story that he lost his mobile phones, then after he had tried to look it up and could not find it, he said “please bring back my phone”  and magically the mobile rings somewhere on the couch. Then I jokingly said “please return the remote” after that I stood up to search once more, then I turned around and was shockingly amazed that the remote was on the bed. I was very very shocked, I have searched almost every inch of the bed and I couldn’t find it, then magically the remote appeared on my very bed!! Even beside the place I sit just then. How could it be??? Can you guys help me??
I am terrified with the idea that actually there are some other “unseen creatures” lives in my room. Gosh! That is scary.  After those annoying mosquitoes, I have to handle other creatures in my room?? -_________-.  

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  1. hi ru,

    i guessed i need to share my same story too.
    For some days ago, one of the third floor resident (did i mention it right?) urged to ask me whether i played "bola bekel" inside my room. I was quite confused because of her thought. I said; i didn't have that kind of thing on my room and it was so impossible for me to play it in the night (close to the midnight). I have already slept at that time, its my biological time.

    After that, every night i tried to pay attention just to make sure i heard that sound too. And i just heard someone (could i say someone) played a heavy barbel (just like you mentioned, but it was only for some second).

    I heard it many times but i considered it as the sound from the neighbor, since i rarely heard someone chitchat in the veranda, right next to our veranda (my assumption, the neighbor was the boarding house too like ours). So, the heavy barbel might come from them, but i was not so sure, because i got the sound from the ceiling.

    I also once heard that bola bekel sound, but after that i confirmed to my friend whether he heard that sound too (just in time of the sound played), and he said he didn't hear it like what i experienced. But surprisingly, as i asked through bbm, that time too the sound was stopped.

    Indeed our boarding house is spooky!

  2. hey, I guess you should hear the other stories...there are some "interesting" stories kekekekekeke
    have you heard about the taking-a-bath-girl, the lady with her son, the "pocong"?

  3. wew, creepy, ga mau denger ceritanya kalo gitu :( enough dengan bola bekel dan barbel..