Jumat, 21 Desember 2012

Write Something, Haru!

Ay-up mate! How’s your dooms day? Hehehehe. It rained hard just now, with strong wind and loud thunders; pretty much a dooms-day-like weather isn’t it? :D. Anyway, it has been bazillion years since the last time I managed to type several words for this blog hehehehe. Been quite busy, you know, gaming, SNSD-ing, procrastinating, I just can’t keep up. Lately my mind got stuck (even now), cannot find anything to write, until my friend asked me when will I write again for my blog (she’s the only reader of my blog, I presume). And then, here I am, having force-close my game window because my team got lost (twice), I then force myself to write. To be frank, I have no clue of what to write.

This year end, like any other year, the office is busy. I have to keep up the pace. Everybody’s in a rush, busy, buried in pile of documents. Again, I have to keep up, matching their pace. But one that I cannot stand is that business brings out stress, stress leads to bad temper. I complained a lot in twitter, that I don’t like busy people. Busy people are sensitive, short tempered, and no fun. Quite a few times I had to feel a little offended. At some point, I committed to not speak any words to those offended me, but yeah blame me; I couldn’t resist other’s humble smile. At the non-busy time, when the pressure lowers, those busy people are slowly getting more and more stable, and what choice did I have when they become normal and wear again their smile? Keep the silence pledge? I don’t think so. Yeah that’s life (well, I force-closed this paragraph with a big thing, life. Guess I lost for words. hahahaha).

Big things happened in this last months of 2012. On September 22nd, a huge concert was held in Jakarta, the SMTown concert. A concert featured several artists from SM Management, a renowned Korean artist management. My reason to attend this concert was obvious: seeing my favorite K-Pop idols personally. And I bet you know who they are, yes the famous Girls’ Generation, and F(x), two well known girlbands. The concert was awesome, the atmosphere was impressive. I hope I have more chances to attend such concert.

And the last October, the 29th to be exact, I officially married the girl I dated for nearly 7 years. This was an unforgettable moment, the moment of truth, like a dream came true. Standing with your beloved ones, shaking the hands of those humbly and sincerely congratulated your big day; it was such an experience. An experience I treasured so much, but this is an experience I wish I would never have anymore.  One thing dude, when you got asked “when will you get married” often, just be cool, for eventually your time will come. It is never too late, nor too early; it comes just when it should come. Don’t get married because anyone tells you to, but because you want to J.
Dude, what did I smoke? How on earth I got to this point? Talking about marriage. Hehehehe. Guess I got to finish here ;). Oke then, have a great holiday folks! Don’t eat all your food, the apocalypse seems to be canceled hehehehe.

Minggu, 14 Oktober 2012

English: Fascinatingly Inconsistent

“There’s nothing constant in this world but inconsistency” – Jonathan Swift
Indeed, inconsistency is what makes up the world. We may find consistency in nearly all aspect of this life, even in language. We have learnt English since elementary school, some of us even earlier, but we learnt it for granted. Thus, we seldom realize that some consistencies occur in this language. Dr. Albrecht Classen, a linguist from The University of Arizona, points out several fun and entertaining inconsistencies in English that will put us in awe and make us shout “how can I missed that” or “seriously.”

In his “English Language: Crazy Inconsistencies,” Dr. Classen shows us that an English word may come with different meaning, such as the word “dessert” in this sentence:
The soldier decided to desert his dessert in the desert
There are two exactly identical words and one nearly identical word in the sentence; but those three words have totally different meaning. The first desert means to leave or to abandon while the second desert means the barren or desolate area especially the dry and often sandy ones. And the other dessert (with double s) means the dish served as the last course of a meal.

In the other examples, we are shown with some interesting facts that there is no egg in eggplant, neither pines nor apples in pineapples, English muffin is not originated from English, French fries in not French. Also, we will find paradoxes in the fact that quicksand is slow, a boxing ring is square, and a guinea pig is neither from Guinea nor a pig.

Do you ever have a nose that runs and feet that smell? Do you ever wonder if a vegetarian eats only vegetable then what does a humanitarian eat? How can a fat chance and a slim chance are the same? Why can a wise man and a wise guy be opposites? A wise man is a wise and trusted guide and advisor while a wise guy is an upstart who makes conceited, sardonic, insolent comments. Why is put pronounced as /pʊt/ while cut is pronounced as /kʌt/? Why does alarm go off when it rings?

Those are some of the million unique features of English. After all, language is the product of human’s intelligences, not a computer’s, thus inconsistencies may occur here and there. From here on, be aware of those unique features in every language you learn, and then you will find the fun in learning the language.

Compiled from various sources

Selasa, 07 Agustus 2012

Language after Twitter

Yes, this up-to-140-characters long microblogging site known as Twitter is gaining massive popularity these days, not only in United State of America, from which the founder of the site, Jack Dorsey, is originated, but also in the whole world that it ended the domination of Facebook in social media realm. Since the day it was created in March 2006, it has been rapidly developed as now there are over 500 million active users with more than 340 million tweets generated daily. The popularity of the site inevitably influences people’s social aspects. Language is among those that are not immune to the influence. In fact, many have said that language suffers most due to the limitation of 140 characters. Ralph Fiennes, a Hollywood actor said that modern language is being eroded, and he blamed “a world of truncated sentences, soundbites and Twitter.” The modern age people often find difficulties in the sentence with more than one clause and the words of more than two syllables. For example, the density of Shakespeare text can be a challenge in a way for the younger generation that perhaps the people of few generations ago did not have. Even the famous Linguist, Noam Chomsky also mentioned Twitter lingo* as “very shallow communication” and regarded it as superficial “it requires a very brief, concise form of thought and so on that tends toward superficiality and draws people away from real serious communication. It is not a medium of a serious interchange.”

In contrary, some believe that Twitter is not ruining language but in fact it enriches it and makes it better. Aside of the abbreviations and the substituted words as well as the leetspeak*, Twitter also contributes new phrases or terms that are used both online and offline. These specific phrases allow people across the world to connect and interact in specific topics. As for scientist, those phrases enable them to easily gather information from Twitter just by search those phrases or words in it. Twitter is full of a variety of language that people may don’t understand, however the people from around the world can converse and interact using those specific Twitter terms or phrases that are widely known. In fact some Twitter words are also adopted in English dictionaries such as Oxford Learner Dictionary that lists the word “retweet” and “hashtag” as meaningful words.

For centuries, human’s culture is changing, evolving, and thus resulting in various social changes that affect our way of life and not to mention the language. The new communication era, not only via Twitter but also other means of communication such as short messages or telegraph, changes our communication attitude thus resulting in language shaping. Is it bad or good? You decide. After all a surviving language is an evolving language.

*lingo: the vocabulary of a particular field of interest (Merriam Websters Dictionary)
*leetspeak: a communication where a user replaces letters for numbers or other characters (www.computerhope.com)

Selasa, 19 Juni 2012

Digital Life?

Firstly, sing me a happy birthday! I’m the birthday boy today J. Celebrating the first day I breathed the open air of the world. Thanks to facebook for making the remembering other’s birthday easier, and thanks for giving me the things everybody always have these days on their birthday, the birthday greetings….on the wall, or now they call it timeline. Thank you for all the timeline writers, I do appreciate your wishes and greetings!! You rock!!

So here it came, once the facebook did its job…the greetings flooded my days. People faraway, wrote on my timeline, people near me, congratulated me..shook my hand…with their loveliest smiles I saw today, some did both…congratulate me offline and online. Not saying it on facebook is not “afdol” they said, and I was like…uummmm it works the other way around for me. I know, it was meant to be a joke, but let’s see from the “nynyir” point of view :D ….I mean if you have done the greeting offline (directly by meeting in the real world) then why would you need to say it in the online world? The thing is, for me, the one does matter most is letting the person to whom you want to congratulate your feeling, not letting everyone on facebook knows that you have congratulated someone on his birthday. It’s not like I don’t like them post the greeting on my timeline, and it’s not that saying happy birthday twice, offline and online, is bad…but yeah…saying it is not “afdol” really surprised me…. One thing crossed my mind is, has the digital world become that important? Some said facebook brings the far ones closer, and the close ones farther, and yeah…sadly it is true. Frankly, I was there…I used to be at the time when I communicate with the person about 3 meters away from me using facebook J. If  that is bad enough, I tell you what’s worse….the public display of affection in the social media…like saying I love you, oh I need you, oh I want to be always be with you…and other creepy things on social media when they have more private means of communicating like messaging or telephone. I mean, yeah, once a while..it is okay…but repeating it every minute and every day is like shouting to everybody you are eating donuts while everybody has already known/seen you are eating… it is not necessary. Then maybe you will say “I write what I want to write, it is my space, my account” yes you are right…and in the other side “I respond to what I want to, to what I see, to what is responsible of making me feel certain 
feeling”…..indeed, it is called SOCIAL media for a reason. Social means you, like it or not, will have too deal with others, communicate with others, interact with other, thus what you do will, more or less, have effect to others.

The digital life really gets more and more “important”…..even sometimes the real life gets less important than that. How many times I see people say certain things in facebook or twitter at certain occasions like “happy mother’s day/father’s day” for example…when they know, neither the father nor mother has facebook/twitter account… ridiculous isn’t it? What do they want? Show the love to the father/mother, or show other that they love the father/mother? If they mean the former, why don’t they just tell them directly…posting something on facebook for someone that doesn’t have facebook account is just not making any sense. Once, I got a chain message that said “send it to 10 (or..umm I don’t really remember the amount), if you don’t then you don’t love your parents” ---- that was just outrageous…how can you measure the love to parents just by how much you care to send a silly message to certain number of people. Come on……it is okay to have a digital life…but live it responsibly, and remember….no digital friendship better than the real one.

PS: My birthday is yesterday, June 18....I wrote it yesterday, and posted it just now...so yeah, when you read the first paragraph, pretend you are on June 18 ya hehehe  

Selasa, 12 Juni 2012

Give glory to God and love the people (Raden Saleh, Maxen 1848)

Yesterday, my boss asked “does anybody have the interest in painting?” to the people at my office, “who wants to come with me to Raden Saleh’s painting exhibition?” she added, then I said “I don’t know much about painting Ma’am, but I would like to go to the exhibition.” And then today I with my boss and one of my office mate escape the office hour to go to the exhibition (I know, this is not a good thing…ssshhhh don’t say anything to anybody..okay? :D ). All I know about Raden Saleh is that he was a painter, and couple days ago I saw his painting at the internet…and I was like….hmmmm this painting is quite nice (and that was one of my reason I went to the exhibition).
The walls beside the door show two large red poster, written “Give glory to God and love the people (Raden Saleh, Maxen 1848)” on the right wall and the letter as well as the picture of Raden Saleh or Raden Saleh Syarief Bustaman on the left wall, from which I later learned that Raden Saleh once lived in Europe and as he was very talented, the government offer him to choose to be European or Indonesian….he chose to be the later.  The first painting I saw was the one titled “Winter” (or Winter in Netherlands…I was not very sure hehehe), as I overheard from an organizer staff who was explaining the painting to a group of junior high students that this painting was sketched by Raden Saleh’s mentor, A.J. Payen,  from Netherlands who had Raden Saleh finished the sketch. 
I like the painting, the detail amazes me given it was painted on 1830, gives me a chill of winter breeze. 
There were a lot of paintings exhibited, but you know, I went with my boss, and most definitely I have to be her assistant in taking her picture....since she is very fond of taking picture wherever and whenever (and the first thing she does is uploading them to facebook :D). My boss is a very...what we call it....cultural..uummmm I mean she like the exotic things ....like antiques etc. She also loves paintings, she knows a lot about them. From her, I learned that the most famous painting of Raden Saleh is the Arrest of Diponegoro, a historical painting about the arrest of one of Indonesian heroes, Pangeran Diponegoro which was painted on 1857.
Okay, sorry for the distraction...just focus on the painting, okay :D. They also exhibit Raden Saleh's sketches that were published in the books about painting for children. For a novice like me, the paintings were extraordinary, the details are amazing, some paintings really present the ambiance, certain feelings......as I see in these paintings...

 these are my favourites....I forgot the name, I think they have to do with "Mega Mendung". The feeling of fresh, bright, and calm illuminate me. I really love the exhibition, even though I don't really understand paintings hehehehehe. So if you like, spare some time to visit Musium Nasional (in front of Gambir Station) to see this exhibition before it is closed on 17 June. 

Rabu, 23 Mei 2012


What’s in a name,
that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet (Romeo and Juliet)

Apa artinya sebuah nama? Mawarpun walau disebut dengan nama lain, akan tetap berbau harum, Kata Shakespeare. Yes indeed, tapi tak semudah itu om Shakespeare. Have you ever been called by any other name that you find it offensive or not a name to be fond of? No no no, I don’t mean by your father’s name (I know the feeling, trust me I lived my school age with that name). Name yang saya maksud di sini, bukan nama mungkin ya, tapi “panggilan” lebih tepatnya . Sampai sekarang, saya masih canggung jika dipanggil dengan panggilan “Pak” baik saat pembicaraan langsung maupun lewat media (telepon, email dan lain-lain), jiwa (masih merasa) muda saya memberontak, kenapa nggak manggil saya “Mas” ? (Don’t ever think about “Kakak” unless you are mbak-mbak pramuniaga toko di mall). Nggak tau ya, mungkin saya merasa belum pantas dipanggil “Pak” (hey I’m on my twenties…….twenty something lah :D). Beda kasus dengan saya dipanggil dengan hanya “nama” oleh adik-adik kelas dan junior di kantor, yang umurnya ya di bawah saya, kalo itu saya tidak keberatan malah. Nggak tau ya, mungkin saya menganggap kalo mereka merasa “dekat” dengan saya (kepedean) dan tidak perlu memakai embel-embel “Mas” (padahal karena mereka nggak nganggep saya kali ya hahaha).
Sebenernya, saya niatnya sih mau nulis tentang “panggilan” (nggak perlu ditambah “cewek” ya di depannya), tapi bingung bikin paragraph pembukanya gimana hehehhe, jadi maapkeun kalo paragraph yang di atas itu agak berantakan. So it started as I notice something interesting on the way my surrounding address each other. Panggilan itu contohnya “pak” (bapak) “mas” “mbak” “kak” (kakak) “bu” (ibu) dan bahkan “cuk” (jancuk), serta panggilan panggilan lain. Generally, actually based on my own opinion (who are you to make such opinion Ru? :P), certain considerations are made before one decides to address the other.
1.       Gender
Jenis kelamin sangatlah menentukan panggilan yang akan kita gunakan. Ya iya lah, emang misal situ cowok trus dipanggil “Bu” mau? (iya iya ada beberapa “cowok” yang mau kok, udah jangan cemberut ah). Ya emang sih, ada beberapa yang netral, bisa dipake oleh baik cowok, cewek, cowok setengah cewek, maupun cewek setengah cowok, contohnya “cong”?? :P. kalau menurut gender, panggilan ini ada di hampir semua bahasa, baik “barat” atau “timur” (you know what I mean). Gender merupakan value pembeda, seperti di bahasa Inggris ada “sir” “maam” “auntie” “uncle” dan lain lain, bahkan di bahasa Korea  agak lebih kompleks, panggilan untuk cowok ke cewek, cowok ke cowok, cewek ke cewek, cewek ke cowok akan berbeda. Kalau di bahasa lain, yang menentukan adalah gender of the addressee, di bahasa Korea, gender of the addresser is also considered (ciee mentang-mentang gak jadi ke Korea, ngomongnya tentang Korea mulu cie ciceeee.....eerrrrr -___-).

2.       Age, umur
Yap, umur, unlike in the “barat,” orang “timur” biasanya menambahkan “panggilan” sebelum nama seseorang berdasarkan umurnya. Contohnya orang Jawa akan memanggil laki-laki yang lebih tua “mas,” dan ini pun dipengaruhi oleh umur, if one is considerably young, he will be called “mas” but when the addresser thinks that the addressee is quite as old as his or her old man (father) he (the addressee) will be called “pak” or maybe “mbah” if he is as old as a grandfather. Di Negara barat, panggilan seperti ini jaranglah ada. Mungkin ada, tapi tidak banyak.
Nah, dua pertimbangan di atas adalah hal pokok yang menentukan penggunaan panggilan (menurut saya lho….hehehehe, bisa jadi nggak valid)  ada beberapa variable (apa dah variable, sok nih bahasanya  -____-“) yang memengaruhi penggunaannya, sehingga pertimbangan tersebut kadang tidak berlaku. Contohnya adalah:
1.       Closeness/friendliness/intimacy
“Kedekatan” (bukan kedeketan ya, eh lucu juga ya, kedekatan dan kedeketan, beda satu huruf, artinya jadi beda hehehehe). Biasanya, jika jarak sosialnya cukup jauh, seseorang akan menggunakan panggilan yang “menghormati” yang menempatkan si addresser “di bawah” si addressee. Contohnya gini deh, saya ketemu sama orang baru, belum tau latar belakangnya, belum tau umurnya, cuma tau jenis kelaminnya (bukan berarti saya sudah pernah melihat kelaminnya lho ya, tapi kan bisa dibayangkan,...… eerrrr anu maksudnya itu, eh nganu, ah, ya gitulah, -___-) saya akan menggunakan “mas” atau “mbak” walaupun mungkin umurnya lebih muda dari saya. Dan kepada yang lebih dekat jarak sosialnya, panggilan nya akan lain, mungkin hanya memanggil nama, atau bahkan “cuk” “su” (asu = anjing) “ndhes” (gondhes = gondrong ndheso) dan lain lain yang “terdengar kasar”. Tapi semakin kasar, menunjukkan bahwa semakin dekat hubungan si addresser dan addressee. Tapi ya nggak selalu juga, kalo nggak berteman (bermusuhan) atau belum saling kenal, memanggil “cuk” “su” bisa berarti melecehkan sih. Dan hal seperti ini saya alami, beberapa adik kelas saya sekolah, kuliah, maupun angkatan di tempat kerja, (tentu yg umurnya lebih muda) memanggil saya dengan hanya nama, nggak ada embel-embel panggilan. Oke kalo di tempat kerja sih bisa dimaklumi, because the “class” is no longer that mater. But, it doesn’t mean that I disapprove them, not at all, in fact I am glad that (maybe) they think that I am a “close” friend hehehehehhe. Malah kadang agak awkward kalau orang yang biasa manggil saya dengan hanya nama, trus memanggil saya dengan “mas.”

2.        Position in the society or in any other organisational chart
Students (in the test) say position affects achievement, then in this “naming” case I say position affects your diction. Ya, posisi dalam strata masyarakat, atau dalam pekerjaan memengaruhi penggunaan panggilan, affects in a great deal indeed. Ini yang saya amati, seseorang dapat mengubah cara memanggil orang lain hanya karena posisinya berubah. Contohnya, si A, dulu adalah bawahan dari si B, therefore si A memanggil si B dengan panggilan yang “menghormati” such as “pak” atau “bu,” tapi as the time goes by, si A kemudian berada di posisi yang sama dengan si B, dan saat itu pula si A mungkin merasa tidak perlu lagi panggilan “menghormati,” thus si A memakai panggilan yang “less formal,” contohnya hanya memanggil namanya, atau menggunakan kata ganti “lu” “kamu” despite of the age gap even if the gap is large. Iya, saya menyaksikan hal tersebut, dan menurut saya menarik, how the social communication works. Tapi pada beberapa kasus, bisa juga hal ini tidak terjadi, contohnya jika variable “kedekatan” lebih dominant, maka despite the age, the social status, the position, kata panggilan yang mereka gunakan tetap yang “less formal” bahkan “kasar” seperti “cuk” “bro” “su” “ndhes” dan lain-lain.

Penggunaan kata panggilan ini will really mater to some people, at certain position, at certain time. Seperti saya yang terganggu ketika dipanggil “pak” atau bos saya mungkin akan terganggu jika saya panggil “ndhes,” tapi intinya menurut saya adalah “kedekatan.” Umur, jenis kelamin, status sosial, akan tidak berlaku ketika telah ada sebuah tingkatan kedekatan tertentu. Mungkin di suatu tempat ada orang yang memanggil Presiden kita dengan “cuk” “su” tanpa bermaksud melecehkan tentunya dengan tanpa membuat pak Presiden tersinggung. Dan sebenernya penggunaan panggilan ini dapat digunakan untuk mencapai tujuan tertentu (sebenernya sih pada dasarnya memang ada tujuan dibalik semua panggilan), seperti ada temen saya yang sering menggunakan panggilan “boss” kepada teman yang lain, atau pernah ke ITC kan? Di sana pasti sering dipanggil “kak”…”kak mampir dulu kak, “kak giordanonya kak” “kak boleh liat liat dulu kak”….. ya semuanya berusaha menempatkan the addressee in a position higher than the addresser, thus the addressee will feel the “proud” and eventually it will be easier for the addresser to impose what he or she wants.
Oke, I lost my point, cuman iseng nulis tanpa kerangka ya begini ini hehehhe. pokoknya  tetep sehat, tetep semangat, biar tetep bisa baca blog saya hahahahaha.
Salam :)

Senin, 07 Mei 2012

A shower in the early November

Along the path of rush where patience is dead
Leading to everyday I have had
Under the shower
Under the shower

I hate Poets

Write of nothing
Of no one knows the meaning
But you see….
They are crazy

Taking round road
Walking and dancing
Never see what he’s holding
But you follow them somewhat

I hate poets

*) just found this in my old files, enjoy ^^...and drop your thought :)

Kamis, 12 April 2012

The Raid

Oke oke, emang telat banget saya nulis tentang film ini, tapi emang saya baru nonton sih :D. Saya tahu tentang film ini udah agak lama dan tergiur karena berita mengenai film ini begitu santer dan mayoritas positif. Jadi saya excited banget sama pemutaran film The Raid ini, apalagi melihat fakta bahwa Hollywood pun tertarik memproduksi ulang, bahkan Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park juga terlibat dalam scoring film ini. Wah pasti seru sekali. Saya tonton tuh trailer-trailer yang lalu lalang di internet, dan wow, kelihatannya bakal keren, ada film Indonesia dengan aksi yang menegangkan dan adegan berantem yang seru (saya memang fans berat film-film tentang bela diri hehehe). Tapi apa daya, pacar saya gak doyan nonton film macam ginian, jadi nggak bisa saya ajakin nonton. Tapi mending pacar saya gak saya paksa nonton film kaya gini, nanti konsekuensinya saya disuruh ikut dia nonton film vampire yang bersinar-sinar dan suka berantem sama manusia serigala -____-.

Nah, malam kemaren, saya dan temen saya akhirnya nonton film The Raid di Metropole. Dengan segala ekspektasi saya yang didapat dari denger cerita orang, baca berita, dan nonton trailer The Raid, saya duduk manis di dalam studio 4 Bioskop Metropole tepat pukul 19:15. Dan, setelah kira-kira 1,5 jam, film pun selesai, tapi ternyata ekspektasi saya kurang terpenuhi, kaya nggak orgasme (sok tau dah, emang pernah? Hehehe). Nggak, saya nggak mau cerita tentang alurnya, penokohannya, atau akting para aktornya….nggak, saya nggak ngerti masalah gitu-gituan hehehe. Tapi ekspektasi saya yang bakal melihat aksi berantem seru dan menegangkan itu yang tidak terpuaskan. Uummm gimana yaaa, kurang ‘indah’ kalo menurut saya. Oke, banyak aksi berantem yang keren, yang belum pernah saya lihat sebelumnya di film-film aksi Indonesia manapun, baik itu film aksi yang menampilkan naga terbang atau yang tidak. Tapi buat saya aksi itu lebih menjurus ke sadis. Yaaa mungkin emang dibuat sedemikian rupa agar berantemnya kelihatan nyata, efektif, dan tidak terkesan mengada-ada. Tapi itu menjadikan aksi berantemnya kelihatan uummm kurang berseni, harusnya pengarah gaya nya lebih bisa mengeksplore adegan-adegan berantemnya biar kelihatan lebih menarik.

Coba deh bandingkan dengan film Thailand yang berjudul Ong Bak! Udah pernah nonton kan? Kalo belum, gih sana donlot dulu hehehehhe. Film ini memiliki beberapa adegan yang sangat mudah diingat, dan berkesan, sampai-sampai ketika melihat adegan tersebut di video atau di film lain, saya bisa langsung inget “oooo ini kaya yang di film Ong Bak nih.” Salah satu adegan favorit saya adalah saat si Tony Jaa (pemeran utama film Ong Bak) itu dikejar-kejar sama bandit, terus didepannya ada dua orang menggotong sebuah gulungan kawat berduri, daan tanpa di duga si Tony Jaa melompat menerobos gulungan kawat berduri tersebut dengan cara yang tidak biasa, meluruskan kaki dan badan ke depan sambil menerobos kawat berduri, dan saya langsung berkomentar “anjiiiiir.” Adegan itu masuk dalam 10 top stunts di sebuah website. Dan tak terhitung beberapa gerakan yang bikin saya me-rewind dvd player saya hanya untuk melihat lagi adegannya, sampai segitunya lho!

Di Ong Bak, bela diri yang ditampilkan adalah Muay Thay, bela diri tradisional Thailand yang mengandalkan serangan siku, lutut, dan tendangan  (sering disebut dengan Thai Boxing). Dan banyaaaak sekali tendangan tendangan yang membuat saya melongo dan berkata “anjir, bisa ya kaya gitu.” Di The Raid ini, pemeran utamanya mempunyai dasar bela diri Silat, seharunya ini adalah kesempatan buat mempromosikan bela diri asli Indonesia, yaaa walaupun ssebenernya sih udah terkenal, banyak orang-orang dari luar negeri yang belajar dan mendalami Silat. Iko Uwais (pemeran utama di The Raid) emang jago banget, gerakannya keren, tapi ya itu, penata geraknya kurang berimprovisasi mungkin. Aksi aksi akrobatik dan stunts yang memorable sangat kurang deh saya rasa. Tapiiiii, on top of that, saya salut banget deh, Indonesia sudah bisa bikin film laga yang seperti ini, tanpa ada naga terbang dan monster raksasa hehehehhe. The score is 7 out of 10 in my opinion. Dan film ini pun bertaraf internasional…keren! Eh tapi ada yang cukup memorable buat saya di film The Raid, yaitu kata-kata si preman yang kayaknya berasal dari Indonesia Timur “Jangan bikin saya muak, kalo saya muak, saya bisa menggila” hehehehehe
Bravo film Indonesia!!

Senin, 09 April 2012

See You, Letters!

At the first glance, you would say “dude, it should be ‘later’ not ‘letter’ shouldn’t it.” Ah okay, I like your grammar-nazi spirit…but save it for another day, because this time it is intentional. I thought of such response too at first, but then I rethought of it and smiled, the one who made this phrase is surely genius. And yes, he is yet a genius of words, a friend of mine who took the “Literature path” at the college (FYI mine was “Linguistics path”) made this phrase. That phrase was the title of the reunion or yeah we can say a homecoming party of the students of English Department, Faculty of Letters, Diponegoro University class of 2003. Thus, I presume, you now understand why the word “Letters” appeared in the title.

This is the first reunion party for the class of 2003 after the graduation, ya although there are several friends that have not made it yet to the graduation (or will never? I don’t know :D). We attended the reunion with worries in our heart: worry of the awkward atmosphere that may arise for we have not met for quite few years, worry of meeting that one who introduced the taste of heartbreak, worry of meeting one that has always been the reason of all the sleepless nights but she/he doesn’t even know it, and on top of those is worry of there will be only few people attend (because that will affect on how much we have to pay LOL).

Fortunately, the “organizing committee” dedicatedly worked their ass to invite our friends. They called them personally and asked them whether they would come or not. The committee reported that about 30 people will attend the party. On the first hour after the scheduled time, our optimism was wearing thin, there were only about 5 of us appeared. After one hundred and twenty minutes waiting, we agreed to start the party even though there were only 18 of us showed up (plus 6 significant-others of several friends).

Our worry of that awkward time suddenly disappeared; the spirit of the college time was surprisingly still there. Jokes, mockeries, and laughs we had back there in the college times were brought on surface. All memories we had in the college came out one by one. It was a great party, a great memory, great laughs, and great friends. Time does the aging for our body, but the kid inside surely weathers out the storm.

See You, Letters! Hope we can see us later!

Selasa, 13 Maret 2012

I Correct Your Words, and (I Hope) Vice Versa

Pagi ini, seperti pagi-pagi sebelumnya, matahari terbit dari timur, dan seperti pagi-pagi sebelumnya juga, saya telat bangun -_____-. Dan pagi ini saya nemu kalimat yang cukup menarik yang ditulis teman saya di status messenger-nya (apa hubungannya sama terbit matahari dan telat bangun Ru? GAK ADA!). Kalimat dimaksud adalah (kebanyakan nulis Nota Dinas nih, bahasanya…….) Some People Work HARDLY, while Others Do Vice Versa.” Kenapa saya bilang menarik? Ada yang tau?.....the first thing came thru my mind was: ini maksudnya bahwa ada sebagian orang yang bekerja keras, dan ada sebagian orang yang kebalikannya –tidak bekerja keras.  Ya, saya langsung tau maksud dari kalimat itu, karena saya orang Indonesia, berbahasa Indonesia dan berpikir dalam frame bahasa Indonesia. Untuk lebih jelasnya, saya nanya ke si empunya tulisan itu, dan ternyata perkiraan saya bener, artinya kurang lebih seperti itu. Sebagai teman yang tampan, baik hati, tidak sombong, dan jarang ngerapiin kamar, saya mengoreksi kesalahan si temen dimaksud (stop using Nota Dinas’s word Ru!). Temen saya bilang kalo dia salah tulis, harusnya HARD bukan HARDLY.

Sebenarnya ini common mistake bagi orang yang menggunakan bahasa Inggris sebagai bahasa asingnya (English as Foreign Language)…seperti saya juga ;). Sesuai dengan aturan bahasa Inggris, kalo ingin me-modify (ini apa ya bahasa Indonesianya) suatu verb itu diperlukan adverb, contohnya : “walk slowly” atau “talk loudly” dan lain lain dan lain lain, dimana kata kedua menjelaskan “intensitas” kata pertama. “walk slowly” = berjalan dengan pelan-pelan,”slowly” itu berasal dari “slow” yang merupakan sebuah adjective yaitu kata sifat, atau kata yang menjelaskan tentang sebuah benda (noun). Sementara “walk” itu kata kerja, jadi tidak bisa dijelaskan menggunakan adjective (menurut tata bahasa Inggris), maka adjective tersebut bisa dibentuk menjadi sebuah adverb (kata yang menjelaskan tentang sebuah kata kerja –verb) dengan cara menambahkan suffix –ly atau –y menjadi “slowly.” Ngemeng-ngemeng rasanya saya terlalu banyak make tanda petik ya -_________-. Oke, lanjut yah….. dengan menggunakan penjelasan (yang tidak begitu jelas) saya di atas, bisa diperkirakan kalau frasa “work HARDLY” yang ditulis temen saya itu kurang lebih artinya “bekerja keras” karena “work” artinya “bekerja/kerja” dan “hard” artinya “keras,” dan karena “hard” merupakan adjective maka oleh teman saya (dengan formula bahwa yang menjelaskan sebuah verb itu harus  adverb) kata “hard” ditambahin dengan –ly, jreengggg jadilah “HARDLY.” Logis memang, tapi mungkin temen saya ini lupa, atau salah tulis, bahwa “hardly” itu tidak berarti “dengan keras;” dalam bahasa inggris, “hardly” artinya “scarcely” “almost not,” atau “jarang” “hampir enggak.” Jadi “work HARDLY” artinya ya “jarang kerja.” Ya bener sih kalo menurut tata bahasa, kalimat Some People Work HARDLY, while Others Do Vice Versa” berarti yang sebagian gak kerja, yang sebagian lagi kebalikannya. Tapi setelah nanya si empunya kalimat, katanya maksudnya dia ya “work HARDLY” merepersentasikan “Kerja Keras,” therefore, I conclude that the use of HARDLY in the sentence is semantically wrong.

Setelah saya mengingatkan (bukan maksud apa-apa sih, tapi sama-sama belajar hehehehe) si temen mengubah (bukan meRUBAH lho ya) kalimatnya menjadi Some People Work HARD, while Others Do Vice Versa.” Selesai? I don’t think so. Tiba-tiba saya tertarik sama kata “vice versa,” I don’t think it is right to put vice versa in such sentence. Sejauh yang saya tau, “vice versa”  itu artinya “sebaliknya” tapi bukan dalam tataran kata, bukan antonim, lebih ke tataran frasa atau kalimat. Let’s put it this way, “tom does not like jerry’s food, and vice versa” kalimat ini artinya “tom gak suka makanannya jerry, dan sebaliknya – jerry gak suka makanannya tom.” Jadi “vice versa”  itu menunjukkan “the other way around,” (bukan “antonim dari”) kalimat sebelumnya. Sebaliknya di sini bukan antonim, tapi sebuah proses yang berjalan bertimbal balik (bolak-balik), jadi malah menegaskan kalau ada suatu kesamaan tapi “berjalan berkebalikan”…tom gak suka makanan jerry, jerry gak suka makanan tom…jadi mereka ada kesamaan “gak suka” tapi berjalan terbalik.

[tom (gak suka makanan) >> jerry] tapi [tom << (gak suka makanan) jerry].

Sampe sini bingung? Saya juga sih -__________-. Jadi kalau dari kalimat “Some People Work HARD, while Others Do Vice Versa,” yang saya tangkap ada yang kerja keras, ada yang kebalikannya alias enggak kerja keras, padahal “vice versa” itu untuk menunjukan “the other way around” atau “sebaliknya/kebalikannya” bukan “kebalikan dari.” Saya kasih contoh lagi:

I do your work diligently, and vice versa” 
yang artinya, “saya ngerjain kerjaan kamu dengan rajin, dan sebaliknya kamu ngerjain pekerjaan saya dengan rajin juga.” 

Bandingkan dengan:  

“I do your work diligently, but you don’t do mine diligently” 
yang artinya “saya ngerjain kerjaan kamu dengan rajin, tapi kamu gak ngerjain kerjaan saya dengan rajin.” 

Berbeda kan ya? (jawab “iya” puhleaseee….*mata berkaca-kaca*).

Begitulah sekelumit penelitian saya yang remeh temeh hihihihihi. Sekali lagi, saya gak ada maksud untuk mendiskreditkan si empunya tulisan (I guess you are reading it now), tapi cuman buat sarana kita belajar bersama untuk menjadi lebih baik lagi. Kan kalo ada salah, seorang teman wajib mengingatkan teman yang lain, betul? *kibas sorban*
Maaf kalo ada salah-salah kata, dan salah analisis (mohon dibenerin kalo salah), karena kesempurnaan hanya milik Allah, dan ketidaksempurnaan itu milik Dorce, eh manusia maksudnya.

Senin, 20 Februari 2012

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER –that’s scarier than your step mother-

No no no, I’m not referring to that “mother.” You know an Indonesian saying “Ibu kota lebih kejam dari ibu tiri?” That is the mother I am referring to. Yes, ibu kota literally means “mother of city” or in English “a capital city.” The screwed and over-populated city named Jakarta is where I am living now. Its polluted air is what I am breathing now. Its dirty water is what I am drinking now. Its ignorant citizens are who I am dealing with everyday. The living that I never have imagined before; actually in my first week, I wake up with a strange feeling of “not-believing-the-fact-that-I-wake-up-in-Jakarta.” This fact, however, taught me one thing; that karma does, sometimes, work within quite a short period of time. In my college years, I always told my self that as soon as I graduate, I have no intention of finding a job in Jakarta; I preferred to stay in the city where my Uni lies: Semarang. Jakarta has always been my last choice.

The story began in the fifth month of my first job. After 6 months of the jobless graduated life, I finally found a job in a small bookstore. I didn’t mind being underpaid, as long as I could stay alive, live in Semarang, and being near my girlfriend (she had better job than me at the time). It was a calm five months until a state ministry opened recruitment for the graduated. Actually, I was in Jakarta for a book exhibition at the moment; then my colleague (who was an English Department student – just like me) told me about the recruitment in Ministry of Finance. As a good boy (yes I am indeed :D), I disseminated the information to all my friends, not to mention my girlfriend. She was excited and immediately decided to apply for the recruitment test, and then asked me whether I wanted to join or not. Actually, I was in the state of “I am tired of looking for a job, I have one already and I want to rest for a while,” but considering that the recruitment took place in Jogjakarta, which meant that my gf will have to travel back and forth from Semarang, as a good boyfriend (again, indeed I am a good boy hahahaha), I couldn’t let her travel alone. Thus, I decided to join the recruitment test.
Little did I know that the recruitment consisted of four phases, meaning that I should travel back and forth five times (four times for the tests plus one time for taking the test ID) from Semarang to Jogjakarta. There was no way I skip from work for five times in a month, so I then pretended to be sick or having an urgent matter every time I have to go to Jogjakarta. It was not easy; I need to create several excuses. But thanks to my mischievous colleague that gave me a good idea; he said that if you wanna skip, just tell the boss you have a diarrhea….it is an insignificant illness but can be quite a problem moreover, nobody goes to a hospital for diarrhea and thus the boss won’t ask you a letter from a doctor to prove it (thanks dude, I owe you a lot). But that did not simply work smoothly; one doesn’t simply walk into Mor…oh sorry too much 9gag -_____-. Once, I almost got caught when my boss called me as soon as she found that I am sick; and at the moment, I was in the bus going back to Semarang. She asked me where I was, and asked me about my condition. I said that I was lying in my boarding room. She asked again how did I have a diarrhea, when I was working hard to find a good excuse, then she suddenly came with a good excuse “oh it must be that fruits you ate yesterday with your friends in the warehouse.” (I ate little sour fruits the day before, with my colleague – oh yes, I worked in a warehouse). That was a “fyuuuh” and I immediately answered “yes maam, that’s must be the case.”

So the first trip to Jogjakarta begun, it was taking the test ID card phase. I went by a travel agent with my gf. In Jogjakarta, we planned to stay at my friend’s (her name is Tia) boarding house. The problem was that, the friend is a she, thus it was impossible for me to sleep at her place. Then, she provided me a room (a class room, to be precise) in her work place (she works as a tutor in an –what we call it- uummmm English tutoring agency?) I slept in a classroom with skeleton model staring at me in front of the class -_____- and my gf slept in my friend’s boarding house. Before my second travel (the first phase of the recruitment test), my friend informed me that her boss didn’t allow me to use the classroom again; my friend was confused and she apologized to me for that. I said “it’s okay, is there any mushalla near your boarding house?”; she said “ah yes, there is one”…”okay then, that would work, I can sleep in the mushalla.” So then, I slept at a mushalla, alone…oh…I was not alone, I got mosquitoes around. After the test, I meet someone that would play a great part in the next phases. When I was walking down the street (I was lost, in fact) in a heated day, a person wearing helmet riding a motorcycle stopped by and asked (still wearing his full face helmet) “hey Ru, what did you do here?” and I was like “who the hell are you?” He didn’t answer, instead he opened the helmet. I was surprised knowing that he is Jota, one of my good friends in high school. Then we went to his boarding house, had a bit chit chat, before he dropped me by to my friend’s boarding house where I met my gf.

The announcement came out, I wasn’t aware, to be honest…not until my friend texted and congratulated me. Then I and my gf went to the internet café to just make it sure. I didn’t know how to respond when I found my name in the list but at the same time I could not find my gf’s name. She failed, but I made it; I remember, she cried in sadness and joy. I thought that, things were getting serious; I should tell my parents then. To be frank, I didn’t tell my family that I applied for a job in the Ministry of Finance. It was just I didn’t wanna make them worried, and I couldn’t afford the pressure either. Because onece, I failed in a test in a state ministry, and they keep asking “how could you fail? Why?” oh come on, I failed because I FAILED, shit happens.
 And for the next phases, I went to Jogjakarta by my self and stayed in Jota’s boarding house (thanks a lot bro, thanks a lot). Ah, I remember….that time, he also lend me his shirt for my shirt fell somewhere in the way because I carelessly forgot to zip my bag -_________-. When I met my friends in the test site, I told them the incident and they laughed and said “ah so that what makes you look weird today, it is the shirt” -______-
I made through the last phase, and before the announcement of the final result, my father brought me to someone whom I later learned that he is a paranormal. My father said that I need to meet this man, and told him that I don’t want to be placed outside the java island. Yes, I was quite worried that I will be placed outside the Java Island considering that the Ministry of Finance’s offices are located throughout the nation. But I said “dad, I cannot promise you much, how if I don’t make it through the final test,” then he said “son, I am quit sure you’ll pass,” “how could you be so sure” I asked, “look, I had a vision, a dream that somehow I met a tiger, you know son, tiger is a symbol for nobleness, for “working in the palace, kingdom” and public servant (PNS) serves the nation, the kingdom, that is noble.” That was the time I stopped arguing, there’s no use arguing with an old man about superstition, they will refuse to be beaten, so I preferred to be silent and did what he told me to.

And then yes, I made it through. With two of my friends from my English department, I started to live in this “big durian”; interweave my dream in the city of my last choice. Not long, my gf also got a new job in the Ministry of Tourism and moved to Jakarta. So, that’s how I meet your (city) mother – who is scarier than your step mother.
One doesn’t simply walk into Mordor, but karma will simply walk you to Jakarta! 

Kamis, 26 Januari 2012


Untukmu penghuni pelupuk malam ku
yang mengatupkan kantuk diujung hari
semua sunyi yang tak terperi
hanya untukmu

Kata tak berbunyi
Puji ku larut bersama titik gerimis pagi
Berlari dibelakang pencari matahari
Tapi tak keluar dari hati

Untukmu penyebab resah
Puisiku larut dalam hujan yang tumpah
Tempias angin yang melewati lembah
Maka berhentilah, tagihmu hentikanlah

Untukmu, maaf
Untukmu, aku serakah
Rinduku tak kutumpah di kertas
Maaf, aku serakah

Selasa, 17 Januari 2012

Something among “Aku” “Kamu” and “Gue” “Lu”

My friend once told me that he feels uncomfortable living in Jakarta. He is a college friend of mine, a Javanese and spends most of his time living in Central Java, thus consequently he uses Javanese language almost every time. He complained that he feels uncomfortable with the Indonesian language of the Jakartans. Of course he knows, and uses Indonesian language quite well, but as you know language is commonly prone to the cultural influence, hence the Indonesian language he speaks in Central Java is a bit “different” from that of Jakartans, since the cultural differences occurring between Central Java and Jakarta culture). He said that his friends laughed at him because he uses “aku” to express “I” and “kamu” to express “you.” Yes, those words are Indonesian language; actually “aku” is also the term Javanese uses to express “I,” and those are not the things to laugh at, as my friend thought. The problem is that, Indonesian Language of the Jakartans is heavily influenced by the indigenous cultures on the inhabitant race, Betawi. Betawi doesn’t use “aku” or “kamu,” it uses “gue” and “lu” to express “I” and “you.” Thus, Jakartans often use the words “gue” and “lu.” Apparently those words made my friend felt uncomfortable. Javanese seldom or I can say never, uses those words, and my friend as a Javanese, felt that uncomfortable. In the other hand, the Jakartans feel that the words “aku” and “kamu” rather uummmmm too intimate to be said to a friend, moreover by males. The story would be different when the words “aku” and “kamu” are used by couples, lovers to call each other…it will be considered as normal, but not for “male to male.” 

I do understand what my friend felt, because I had the same feeling when I was still a new kid on the block in Jakarta. Saying “gue” and “lu” seemed awkward and strange for my tongue, but actually it just needs time for my tongue to get use to those words.
The reason why the words “gue” and “lu” (which were, from an article I just read, derived from ancient hokkien – Chinese- language) seem to be uncomfortable for my tongue, in my opinion, relates to cultural or social reason. Jakarta, where the “gue” and “lu” often spoken, is considered to be more “advanced” city than the other, thus the residents as well as the culture, in this case the language, are also considered as more advanced. People from, for example, my village that has been staying for a long time in Jakarta, often uses (Jakarta) Indonesian language to speak with his/her friends or relatives in the village. For me, they show an arrogance saying that “I am living in Jakarta, I speak like Jakartans, hence I am cooler, more advanced, and smarter than you guys villagers.” But yeah, that is my opinion. 

In fact, for me there is no language that is better of more advanced than other language. They have the same level except those dialects intended to show the politeness level, that is a different case.

Ah suddenly I remember what I learned at my college, about code mixing and code switching. Those are linguistics phenomenon about changing or mixing the language you are using. Code mixing means that you mix languages when you speak. Cinta Laura is the most famous practitioner of code mixing. She mixes Indonesian and English, and even she brings code mixing to a higher level by using English accent in Indonesian language LOL. The purpose of this code mixing may vary, showing his or her cleverness or social level, or maybe the speaker couldn’t find the word that explains what he or she means. In the other hand, code switching is a phenomenon of changing languages, using two or more language interchangeably. For example when you are speaking to an Indonesian, you use Indonesian language, but then when a foreigner, say an American, comes joining, then you switch and use English instead. Darn, I should stop here, I am not lecturing linguistics LOL.
The matter is that, yes, each word or language has different “feeling,” but they all are at the same level. Do not be ashamed, inferior (BTW: I just found out that the word “minder” – Indonesian word for “inferior”- is a German word that also means “inferior” :D ) using your own language, or whatever language you know. But the one to be noted is that you must adapt to anything, including in the area of “language.” Use the language spoken in where you are living in (gosh, my sentence is confusing LOL). 

I think I am mumbling too much that I lost my focus in this writing hahahahaha, okay then, about “aku” “kamu” “gue” and “lu” it is that…yeah…those are choices. We can use any of them, never be ashamed, never hesitate…..but one thing for sure, adapt! Use the right word at the right time, at the right place, and to the right person. :D

PS: for those who asked, "why the hell you put SNSD's picture on this post".... it is just because..... I just like.... *period* LOL

Selasa, 10 Januari 2012


Kemarin sore, waktu saya sedang melakukan salah satu kegiatan utama saya (kegiatan-you-know-lah…main PS), ada seorang teman yang sejenak melintas *cieee bahasanya* sambil berkata “wah Haru nih, main pe-eeeess teruuusss.” Dan…kalimat tersebut terhujam tepat di jantung saya, terngiang-ngiang di kepala saya, tertanam di lubuk hati terdalam, dan terpatri selamanya dalam perasaan *apa sih Ru? STOP!*, oke intinya kata-kata temen saya itu berhasil membuat saya berpikir “iya ya, kok saya begini-begini aja ya” dan segera setelah mendengarnya, saya putuskan untuk tetap melanjutkan main PS #sikap. Saya jadi teringat dengan salah seorang PS-mate saya (maksudnya temen main PS) yang beberapa waktu lalu hampir setiap hari bertanding PS dengan saya selepas pulang kantor. Seringkali saat bermain, dia berkata “kita kok gini-gini aja ya, kerja  - main PS, kerja - main PS,” dan selalu saya tanggapi dengan senyum, ya karena memang saya tak bisa menyangkalnya; dan you know what, sekarang si-teman-main-PS saya itu sudah memegang tiket emas untuk sekolah ke Jepang. DANNGGGG!!! Saya, sekali lagi, ditampar oleh kenyataan. Saya merasa tidak punya teman, terlebih dua teman seangkatan waktu kuliah dulu yang sekarang kebetulan ada di instansi yang sama juga masing-masing sudah mendapatkan tiket emas semacam itu. Luka menganga yang dibalur air garam……periiihhhh jenderal, periiihhhh *note: baca kalimat “perih jederal perih” tidak perlu pake melenguh, nanti dikira salah satu adegan film por…ah sudah lah, imajinasimu terlalu liar Ru.*

Seperti di posting yang sebelum ini, ya memang saya orang yang tidak suka dengan perubahan dan terlalu nyaman di zonanya. Mungkin itu menjelaskan kenapa saya nyaman-nyaman saja saat menjalani pacaran *ehm* selama 5 tahun dengan rutinitas ke kampus-ke kosan pacar-main poker-makan malam-pulang ke kosan dan begitu seterusnya hampir setiap hari, yeah when I say hampir setiap hari, I mean it. Teman saya sering bertanya “apa gak bosen Ru, ketemu setiap hari sama pacar kamu?,” dan saya jawab “enggak tuh,” dan dia tanya lagi “kok bisa ya?” dan saya jawab “ya karena memang saya nggak bosen.” Tapi mungkin jawaban terbaik yang saya punya ya karena saya menikmatinya, segala keajegan itu, kenyamanan itu, dan in the end, yang dicari semua orang adalah “kenikmatan” bukan? baik ragawi maupun spiritual. Ya saya mungkin enggan beranjak dari zona nyaman saya, saya mungkin tidak suka dengan perubahan mendadak, tapi tidak suka bukannya tidak mau……saya akan berubah, tapi I am waiting for the wind to turn; when is it? It is when the wind is turning! *lempar traktor*. Wah saya jadi ingat masalah mengubah status “pacaran” ke “menikah,” salah satu masalah yang nge hits untuk para lajang (yang berpasangan) di usia pertengahan 20an menjelang 30an. Karena saya dan pacar udah berpacaran cukup lama, jadi banyak yang nanya “kapan nikah” tidak terkecuali pacar saya sendiri, iya dia nggak nanya langsung sih, tapi ya intinya dia butuh kepastian “kapan” karena sudah jengah *cieee bahasanya, jengah* mendengar pergunjingan teman dan tetangga, sementara saya belum bisa menjawabnya. Saya belum bisa menjawabnya, karena saya merasa belum ada turning wind nya, I mean, if you are married because of tired hearing what people ask and say, then it is not right. The urge to marry has to come from yourself, from inside of you, because we are married not for other people, but for us. Screw what people say.

Balik lagi nyang leptop *okay okay this line is sooooo last years*. So masalah saya mengenai ke engganan beranjak dari zona nyaman ini memang latent, dan saya sadari itu, namun, saya merasa semua sudah ada waktunya, dan yang terpenting adalah saya menikmatinya *jangan ditiru ya hehhee*. Oh saya ketemu sama teman-teman baru dari komunitas yang baru beberapa bulan ini saya masuki, dan saya lihat mereka sangat aktif dan bersemangat, suka mencoba hal baru, suka bertualang, dan anehnya percikan semangat mereka membuat saya sedikit tersulut *hasyaahhh kaya samapah daun kering ye -____-*, apakah the wind has turned for me? Ah tak tau lah, nikmati saja hehehehhehe 

Minggu, 08 Januari 2012

Ciao, buon giorno....

Hooaaaaahm ternyata udah lama banget saya gak berkunjung ke blog ini, maaf ya *berasa punya banyak pembaca Ru? -_____-*. Bukannya saya gak punya waktu, bukan, tapi saya memang sibuk. Kegiatan utama saya (main PS, nonton video SNSD, pacaran *ehm* dan futsal) sangat menyita waktu, belum lagi buat tidur, twitter-an,.... waktu luang saya, saya manfaatkan buat bekerja di kantor.....jadi ya jarang banget buka blog ini, apalagi update...ckckckckkckc sibuk banget kan saya? *dilempar monas*

Eniwei, Happy New Year ya *iya tau tau...udah telat, eh lagian ngomong sama siapa sih? kaya ada yg baca aja -___-*...... gak kerasa udah tahun baru ke 3 saya di Jakarta ini, dan believe it or not, selama 3 malam tahun baru...saya nggak pernah merayakannya di tempat-tempat yang rame, padahal ke Monas cuman sepelemparan batu, ngesot sambil ngelindur juga nyampe.... Malam tahun baru pertama, dapat piket di kantor buat bikin release penutupan anggaran, tapi seru juga sih...pas jam 12 gitu, saya sama temen-temen naik ke lantai paling atas di kantor, trus liat kembang api dari seluruh penjuru Jakarta. Malam tahun baru ke dua, saya habiskan dengan main PSP dan baca novel di kosan. Malam tahun baru ke tiga, which is yang baru kemaren itu, saya habiskan dengan tidur dari jam 8 malem, capek cyiiinnn karena malem sebelumnya saya dapet piket penutupan anggaran (lagi) *ya walaupun pas jam 12 malem kebangun gara-gara suara kembang api sialan itu -_____-*.

Kalo ngomongin tahun baru, gak afdol ya kalo gak ngomongin resolusi? yakan? yadong! *stop Ru, adlib nya gak lucu tau -______-*. Dan seperti tahun baru yang sebelum sebelumnya, resolusi saya adalah.....uummmmmmm gak punya resolusi..... iya emang saya nggak pernah punya resolusi. Dan saya baru sadar kalau saya itu agak aneh, saya nggak suka perubahan (khususnya yang mendadak) tapi saya juga tidak suka membuat rencana. Ah iya, di tahun kemaren ada beberapa kekecewaan yang saya rasakan, pertama, I failed my scholarship test.....for the second time, itu beneran sebuah pukulan yang cukup bikin sedikit limbung *tsaaaah bahasanya*, terlebih, finding out that several of my good friends made it to the next phase....tambah bikin iri, bagai luka yang dibalur dengan garam *tsaaaah lagi*. Iya saya harusnya ikut seneng dengan keberhasilan mereka, saya seneng juga, tapi saya iri....hhmmm semoga rasa iri ini bisa memacu saya untuk lebih berusaha lagi biar lulus di test yang akan datang, semangattttt!!!!! *kemudian main PS lagi*. Kekecewaan berikutnya adalah, nggak smepet nonton SNSD live in concert di Singapura..., ya  ya ya mungkin agak berlebihan, tapi...tapi tapiiiii.....huwaaaaa jadi sedih lagi deh nih *perasaan lebih sedih gara-gara gak nonton SNSD daripada gak lulus ujuan beasiswa ya Ru? ckckckckc*.

Yaaa wis deh, kayaknya ide nya mampet lagi nih hehehhee, Happy New Year people!!!!

A Presto!! - see you soon, hopefully very soon -