Senin, 09 April 2012

See You, Letters!

At the first glance, you would say “dude, it should be ‘later’ not ‘letter’ shouldn’t it.” Ah okay, I like your grammar-nazi spirit…but save it for another day, because this time it is intentional. I thought of such response too at first, but then I rethought of it and smiled, the one who made this phrase is surely genius. And yes, he is yet a genius of words, a friend of mine who took the “Literature path” at the college (FYI mine was “Linguistics path”) made this phrase. That phrase was the title of the reunion or yeah we can say a homecoming party of the students of English Department, Faculty of Letters, Diponegoro University class of 2003. Thus, I presume, you now understand why the word “Letters” appeared in the title.

This is the first reunion party for the class of 2003 after the graduation, ya although there are several friends that have not made it yet to the graduation (or will never? I don’t know :D). We attended the reunion with worries in our heart: worry of the awkward atmosphere that may arise for we have not met for quite few years, worry of meeting that one who introduced the taste of heartbreak, worry of meeting one that has always been the reason of all the sleepless nights but she/he doesn’t even know it, and on top of those is worry of there will be only few people attend (because that will affect on how much we have to pay LOL).

Fortunately, the “organizing committee” dedicatedly worked their ass to invite our friends. They called them personally and asked them whether they would come or not. The committee reported that about 30 people will attend the party. On the first hour after the scheduled time, our optimism was wearing thin, there were only about 5 of us appeared. After one hundred and twenty minutes waiting, we agreed to start the party even though there were only 18 of us showed up (plus 6 significant-others of several friends).

Our worry of that awkward time suddenly disappeared; the spirit of the college time was surprisingly still there. Jokes, mockeries, and laughs we had back there in the college times were brought on surface. All memories we had in the college came out one by one. It was a great party, a great memory, great laughs, and great friends. Time does the aging for our body, but the kid inside surely weathers out the storm.

See You, Letters! Hope we can see us later!

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  1. mak nyus...ning poto terakhir u wis kaya artis di iklan rinso, ru... '_'

  2. sengojo dipilih foto kuwi hahahahahhaha *agenda terselubung penulis untuk promosi sapa tau jadi bintang iklan poke soap (sabun colek)*

  3. "Time does the aging for our body, but the kid inside surely weathers out the storm."

    Somehow, I just love this sentence. :D

    1. hahaha thanks....berarti punch line nya berhasil nge-punch :D

  4. iyah kalo mau reuni pasti grogi.. -__-"
    takut udah nggak dikenalin temen..ahaha..