Jumat, 21 Desember 2012

Write Something, Haru!

Ay-up mate! How’s your dooms day? Hehehehe. It rained hard just now, with strong wind and loud thunders; pretty much a dooms-day-like weather isn’t it? :D. Anyway, it has been bazillion years since the last time I managed to type several words for this blog hehehehe. Been quite busy, you know, gaming, SNSD-ing, procrastinating, I just can’t keep up. Lately my mind got stuck (even now), cannot find anything to write, until my friend asked me when will I write again for my blog (she’s the only reader of my blog, I presume). And then, here I am, having force-close my game window because my team got lost (twice), I then force myself to write. To be frank, I have no clue of what to write.

This year end, like any other year, the office is busy. I have to keep up the pace. Everybody’s in a rush, busy, buried in pile of documents. Again, I have to keep up, matching their pace. But one that I cannot stand is that business brings out stress, stress leads to bad temper. I complained a lot in twitter, that I don’t like busy people. Busy people are sensitive, short tempered, and no fun. Quite a few times I had to feel a little offended. At some point, I committed to not speak any words to those offended me, but yeah blame me; I couldn’t resist other’s humble smile. At the non-busy time, when the pressure lowers, those busy people are slowly getting more and more stable, and what choice did I have when they become normal and wear again their smile? Keep the silence pledge? I don’t think so. Yeah that’s life (well, I force-closed this paragraph with a big thing, life. Guess I lost for words. hahahaha).

Big things happened in this last months of 2012. On September 22nd, a huge concert was held in Jakarta, the SMTown concert. A concert featured several artists from SM Management, a renowned Korean artist management. My reason to attend this concert was obvious: seeing my favorite K-Pop idols personally. And I bet you know who they are, yes the famous Girls’ Generation, and F(x), two well known girlbands. The concert was awesome, the atmosphere was impressive. I hope I have more chances to attend such concert.

And the last October, the 29th to be exact, I officially married the girl I dated for nearly 7 years. This was an unforgettable moment, the moment of truth, like a dream came true. Standing with your beloved ones, shaking the hands of those humbly and sincerely congratulated your big day; it was such an experience. An experience I treasured so much, but this is an experience I wish I would never have anymore.  One thing dude, when you got asked “when will you get married” often, just be cool, for eventually your time will come. It is never too late, nor too early; it comes just when it should come. Don’t get married because anyone tells you to, but because you want to J.
Dude, what did I smoke? How on earth I got to this point? Talking about marriage. Hehehehe. Guess I got to finish here ;). Oke then, have a great holiday folks! Don’t eat all your food, the apocalypse seems to be canceled hehehehe.

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  1. Nice post... Especially about advice to be cool for that scary question. Lol. Keep writing, Haru :D

  2. Hehehe thanks Apri
    Anyway, that 'when will you' question will haunt us no matter what. After when will you get married, there are plenty to follow: when will you have kid, when will you have house, and other whens hehehe

  3. one cannot simply wrote a new blog post without telling his so called 'the only reader'...

    been quite a while from visiting this blog and i was a bit surprised to see the new look. it looks more earthy, more grounded... really like it! :D and i love the way you bring up your points in this post; start randomly from no where, then finally stop somewhere. just flowing with your thoughts and let go... no stiff planned outline, which (i thought) most nazis will find it very interesting to use.. ;)

    my fave part; "It is never too late, nor too early; it comes just when it should come." true that.

    despite all doubts that may come, if it happens, it happens... :)

    sorry for this long comment. seems like i'm creating a baby-post now. hha!

    - cheers -

    p.s. the background image of cannabis field looks splendid! wonder if it's in your backyard? '_'

  4. she's not the only reader of your blog ru, gw juga baca. eh, she's not me kan? nggak ngerasa pernah nanya soalnya.. *yeee ngemeng sendiri*

    ah, i like this post :3 tapi harusnya yang pernikahan ditulis terpisah sihhh fufufu..

  5. Sorry little phoenix, I've posted the link on twitter, hope that every-buddy would notice hehehe. I never use any plot in writting, I just write what is in my mind...and my mind never really works sequentially hehehe. Thanks for the comment, here have some cannabis hehe. And for you niwa...aisshh thanks for reading my blog, I read yours too hehehehe malah kadang blog lu bikin gw pengen nulis juga, jadi penyemangat gituuuh hehehe. And about the wedding....tadinya pengen sih bikin tulisan khusus, tapi eeuummm bingung gimana nulisnya hahaha

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  7. it clearly is a random post. several subjects can be explored deeper in some posts, in my opinion. hehehe.... i enjoyed this, kok... :)

  8. sure it is yes hehehehe, random is my middle name. I can't concentrate on just one thing, I have problem with that hahahaha. so, if I were a super hero, my name would be Superficial :D