Selasa, 12 Juni 2012

Give glory to God and love the people (Raden Saleh, Maxen 1848)

Yesterday, my boss asked “does anybody have the interest in painting?” to the people at my office, “who wants to come with me to Raden Saleh’s painting exhibition?” she added, then I said “I don’t know much about painting Ma’am, but I would like to go to the exhibition.” And then today I with my boss and one of my office mate escape the office hour to go to the exhibition (I know, this is not a good thing…ssshhhh don’t say anything to anybody..okay? :D ). All I know about Raden Saleh is that he was a painter, and couple days ago I saw his painting at the internet…and I was like….hmmmm this painting is quite nice (and that was one of my reason I went to the exhibition).
The walls beside the door show two large red poster, written “Give glory to God and love the people (Raden Saleh, Maxen 1848)” on the right wall and the letter as well as the picture of Raden Saleh or Raden Saleh Syarief Bustaman on the left wall, from which I later learned that Raden Saleh once lived in Europe and as he was very talented, the government offer him to choose to be European or Indonesian….he chose to be the later.  The first painting I saw was the one titled “Winter” (or Winter in Netherlands…I was not very sure hehehe), as I overheard from an organizer staff who was explaining the painting to a group of junior high students that this painting was sketched by Raden Saleh’s mentor, A.J. Payen,  from Netherlands who had Raden Saleh finished the sketch. 
I like the painting, the detail amazes me given it was painted on 1830, gives me a chill of winter breeze. 
There were a lot of paintings exhibited, but you know, I went with my boss, and most definitely I have to be her assistant in taking her picture....since she is very fond of taking picture wherever and whenever (and the first thing she does is uploading them to facebook :D). My boss is a very...what we call it....cultural..uummmm I mean she like the exotic things antiques etc. She also loves paintings, she knows a lot about them. From her, I learned that the most famous painting of Raden Saleh is the Arrest of Diponegoro, a historical painting about the arrest of one of Indonesian heroes, Pangeran Diponegoro which was painted on 1857.
Okay, sorry for the distraction...just focus on the painting, okay :D. They also exhibit Raden Saleh's sketches that were published in the books about painting for children. For a novice like me, the paintings were extraordinary, the details are amazing, some paintings really present the ambiance, certain I see in these paintings...

 these are my favourites....I forgot the name, I think they have to do with "Mega Mendung". The feeling of fresh, bright, and calm illuminate me. I really love the exhibition, even though I don't really understand paintings hehehehehe. So if you like, spare some time to visit Musium Nasional (in front of Gambir Station) to see this exhibition before it is closed on 17 June. 

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  1. nice one, dude... the way you mentioned the details of what you feel is quite remarkable. there are some grammatical errors, which may happened because you focused more on your way of sayings rather than sheer linguistic rules.

    well, it does not necessary go that way, i know, but... you got the picture.

    conveying the message to readers is really a hard-work; telling them exactly what you want them to feel is harder... no writing books mentioned about it...yet you did it well.

    congrats and keep writing... ;)

    "a nazi can write, no?" - anonim

  2. "there are some grammatical errors, which may happened because you focused more on your way of sayings rather than sheer linguistic rules."

    it was not a criticism at all... i'd rather read an interesting story with a few grammatical errors rather than a grammatically perfect article that read like a dead scripture.

    1. so I see, you feel bad of making a grammar nazi drinks his own poison heuheuheu. feel free to point out the mistakes...then let see if I have something to say about that.... anyway, I actually didn't put much thought on this writing, since I wrote this piece while I am talking to my friends in the office...I know this is not a good excuse but yeah I am telling you the truth hehehehhe.
      In the other hand...thanks for the praise on the way I converse my feeling...actually I am not too confident about it...since you I mentioned before..I didn't put much thought on know the feel when you are writing then someone comes over and sees you writing...feels kinda weird huh? hehehehe...that was what happened...anyway...thank youuuuuu for reading my blog hehehehe

    2. ...didn't put much thoughts on the writing....

      of course, because you were working with your feeling... ;) i dont feel bad, no... im just telling you the truth, that a few errors are nothing compared with the way of saying...

      no, who says i feel bad to make one thinks that becoming a nazi is bad job during this economic downturn? :p i would have pointed out all the errors if i did mean to criticize... but that would make a nazi out of meeehh... :p

      check out my newest blog on posterous too. didn't write much there but... just wanted to give this microblogging a try.

    3. I've made posterous...I can't find yours...mine is thisisharu, follow me maybe hehehehehe. Oh I think this posterous suits you (or me)....see the name..Post - terus...kinda encourage you to keep posting hahahahaha

    4. what yours? just click my user name on this comment... it links to my blog on posterous...

    5. oih... ding ya.. oke sip.

  3. i know who the office mate is!! #komenpenting

  4. i can't find your boss in any picture..
    aaahh alibi aja inih diajak bos..nge-date yah? :p

    1. hahahaha heh,jangan keras2 dong....-___- si boss nya kan yg motret wa hahahahah