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Something among “Aku” “Kamu” and “Gue” “Lu”

My friend once told me that he feels uncomfortable living in Jakarta. He is a college friend of mine, a Javanese and spends most of his time living in Central Java, thus consequently he uses Javanese language almost every time. He complained that he feels uncomfortable with the Indonesian language of the Jakartans. Of course he knows, and uses Indonesian language quite well, but as you know language is commonly prone to the cultural influence, hence the Indonesian language he speaks in Central Java is a bit “different” from that of Jakartans, since the cultural differences occurring between Central Java and Jakarta culture). He said that his friends laughed at him because he uses “aku” to express “I” and “kamu” to express “you.” Yes, those words are Indonesian language; actually “aku” is also the term Javanese uses to express “I,” and those are not the things to laugh at, as my friend thought. The problem is that, Indonesian Language of the Jakartans is heavily influenced by the indigenous cultures on the inhabitant race, Betawi. Betawi doesn’t use “aku” or “kamu,” it uses “gue” and “lu” to express “I” and “you.” Thus, Jakartans often use the words “gue” and “lu.” Apparently those words made my friend felt uncomfortable. Javanese seldom or I can say never, uses those words, and my friend as a Javanese, felt that uncomfortable. In the other hand, the Jakartans feel that the words “aku” and “kamu” rather uummmmm too intimate to be said to a friend, moreover by males. The story would be different when the words “aku” and “kamu” are used by couples, lovers to call each other…it will be considered as normal, but not for “male to male.” 

I do understand what my friend felt, because I had the same feeling when I was still a new kid on the block in Jakarta. Saying “gue” and “lu” seemed awkward and strange for my tongue, but actually it just needs time for my tongue to get use to those words.
The reason why the words “gue” and “lu” (which were, from an article I just read, derived from ancient hokkien – Chinese- language) seem to be uncomfortable for my tongue, in my opinion, relates to cultural or social reason. Jakarta, where the “gue” and “lu” often spoken, is considered to be more “advanced” city than the other, thus the residents as well as the culture, in this case the language, are also considered as more advanced. People from, for example, my village that has been staying for a long time in Jakarta, often uses (Jakarta) Indonesian language to speak with his/her friends or relatives in the village. For me, they show an arrogance saying that “I am living in Jakarta, I speak like Jakartans, hence I am cooler, more advanced, and smarter than you guys villagers.” But yeah, that is my opinion. 

In fact, for me there is no language that is better of more advanced than other language. They have the same level except those dialects intended to show the politeness level, that is a different case.

Ah suddenly I remember what I learned at my college, about code mixing and code switching. Those are linguistics phenomenon about changing or mixing the language you are using. Code mixing means that you mix languages when you speak. Cinta Laura is the most famous practitioner of code mixing. She mixes Indonesian and English, and even she brings code mixing to a higher level by using English accent in Indonesian language LOL. The purpose of this code mixing may vary, showing his or her cleverness or social level, or maybe the speaker couldn’t find the word that explains what he or she means. In the other hand, code switching is a phenomenon of changing languages, using two or more language interchangeably. For example when you are speaking to an Indonesian, you use Indonesian language, but then when a foreigner, say an American, comes joining, then you switch and use English instead. Darn, I should stop here, I am not lecturing linguistics LOL.
The matter is that, yes, each word or language has different “feeling,” but they all are at the same level. Do not be ashamed, inferior (BTW: I just found out that the word “minder” – Indonesian word for “inferior”- is a German word that also means “inferior” :D ) using your own language, or whatever language you know. But the one to be noted is that you must adapt to anything, including in the area of “language.” Use the language spoken in where you are living in (gosh, my sentence is confusing LOL). 

I think I am mumbling too much that I lost my focus in this writing hahahahaha, okay then, about “aku” “kamu” “gue” and “lu” it is that…yeah…those are choices. We can use any of them, never be ashamed, never hesitate…..but one thing for sure, adapt! Use the right word at the right time, at the right place, and to the right person. :D

PS: for those who asked, "why the hell you put SNSD's picture on this post".... it is just because..... I just like.... *period* LOL

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