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CCC (Childhood Celebrity Crush)

This week themes for “Arisan Blog” can be predictable for me. With “first celebrity crush” as the current theme, my friends could name several celebrities that I would write for this blog, from Im Yoona to Beby JKT48.  They are not wrong, but also, at the same time, not right. My celebrity crush could be dated back when I was still elementary school kid. As a television-addict kid, falling into a celebrity charm was my everyday risk. Luckily, at that time, there were many programs for kids and consequently there were also many kid actors and actresses. Therefore, I didn’t look up to far older celebrity as my idol, or you can say “crush,” thankfully. Most of my celebrity crushes were, more or less, at my age.

Enno Lerian

This little girl was captivating for her sweet and cute smile. Her notable songs among others were “Si Nyamuk Nakal”  and “Dakocan.” But my adoration stopped when I knew that she got pregnant. 
Teenager Enno
Mommy Enno

Erina GD

Erina Gracesita Dharmawan. There, I even remember her full name without “googling” for it. She was one of “4 MC Cilik” members. The music video of that 4 MC Cilik was usually came up in a show for kids called Tralala Trilili. I waited for it every afternoon to see her. And at Saturday afternoon, I always watched Pesta Ceria, a kid show in which Erina was one of the MCs. Once I was very pissed because I could not watch the show for my TV was broken. Hehehe. As Erina getting older and older, her stars in showbiz world dimmed. And now she is a married woman with a kid.
Here's Erina with her fellows MC Cilik, Erina is the one on the right side.
Erina is palying in one of that Sinetorn Naga Terbang 

Agnes Monica

Who doesn’t know her? This go-international girl is a big hit. Her voice, her moves, and her dedication are second to none. But I like her more when she were still a cute little girl in ponytails. 

Lil' cute Agnes
the go-international Agnes
Actually, the list I gave you just now is a bit of a mainstream. Those three could easily go into a list of idols for most of 90's kids. 

Oh, one funny thing is that when I was browsing their name for this post, I run into this link, in which it included all those three names in a quite interesting article.

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